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Abbreviation used at Order Placing

Product Type

  • NRML- Carry forward (Delivery).
  • MIS- Margin Intraday.
  • CO- Intraday orders with a Compulsory Stop Loss.
  • BO- Intraday orders with a Target & Stop Loss.
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Retention Type

  • Day- Order valid in Intraday
  • IOC- Execute Immediately or Cancel
  • GTD- Order keep until canceled by investor or executed or Specified Date
  • GTC- Order keep until canceled by investor or executed

Order Type

  • Market- Executed Immediately at Current Market Prices
  • Limit- Specified Price or Better
  • SL- Stoploss at Specified Price
  • SL-M- Stoploss at Market Price

Brokerage for Demat Clients

  • Rs.10 per Lac in Intraday, Cash & Future

  • Rs.20 per Lac in Delivery

  • Rs.20 per Lot in Option

*All Brokerage adjustable as per Client Turnover

Margin Fund for Trade

    • 30 times in Cash
    • 20 times in Future
    • 20 times in MCX