Unlimited Market Scanner
  • Real Time Tick Queries with Filters
  • Scan 1000’s of stocks in seconds
  • Watch the Market with ‘Market Eye’
  • Implied Volatility & Option Greek Alerts
  • Easy Back Testing During Live Market
  • Patterns, Events and Candlestick Scanners
  • Advance / Decline Lines & Ratios as an Indicator
Cheetah Features
  • Real-time tick by tick data
  • Over 300+ built in indicators
  • Easy back testing & Optimization
  • Profiling market with Market profile & Volume profile
  • Multiple Scanners
  • Different types of chartings with customized time frames
  • BTST calls by using Advance queries
  • Create multiple workspaces
  • Market summary
  • Best training & Support service
  • ADS Watch
Market & Volume Profile
  • Helps to read, study & analyze historical data easily
  • Split & composite look
  • Point of control, Value Area high & Value Area low
  • Can be used with candles as well
  • Customized IB Range
Signal Scanner
  • Full fledged user friendly scanner module tracking all kind of scans in real-time (Intraday, Daily, Weekly…) and different kind of breakouts with provided indicators.
  • Search stocks that are matching your technical strategies.
  • Multiple conditions and multiple combinations are possible.
  • Different group/exchange also possible.
Market Eye
  • Contains pre-defined Bullish as well as bearish events.
  • Market Eye filters will help you to filter out the choppy market.
  • Identify price as well as volume breakout.
  • ‘Filters’ in the market eye is significant to filter out the unnecessary market noise.
Option Distribution & Option Pain
  • Gives you put/call ratio to understand overall market sentiment.
  • Identify the strike at which most probably the contract would expire and accordingly Option Writing would be made.
  • Option distribution Helps you to find target support and resistance.
ADS Watch
  • ADS can be understood in terms of Convergence and Divergence.
  • Helps you to identify trend reversal.
  • Ratio in ADS helps you to identify extreme bullish & bearish market.
Tick Query
  • Scan the entire market by using Conditional query or through Filters.
  • To identify large volume scrips & institutional trading happening.
  • Runs complex & multiple queries at same time.
Open v/s High/Low
  • This feature shows list of stocks that are Bullish or Bearish.
  • Helps to take trade/position on opening of market.
F&O Market
  • Identify bullish and bearish scrips in various categories. Such as Price gainers/losers, OI gainers/loser, Option gainers/losers ,etc.
  • Analyze volume and traded quantity for F&O.
  • Delivery analyze
Derivative Features
  • Option opportunity tool to trade in options
  • Option distribution
  • Option pain
  • F&O Markets
  • Open Interest Report
Derivative summary report
  • Gives you scrip wise information of active contracts, with change in open interest, premium/ discount, lot size, % change in open interest, option calculator, Etc.
  • Easily bifurcate current day’s active contracts.
Any One Segments: NSE/ FnO/ MCX
  • Quarterly
  • Half Yearly
  • Yearly
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