MT4 Mobile Alert Integration

MT4 Mobile Alerts
Step 01:
Download & Open Mobile Platform
Download MT4 App on Mobile
Step 02:
Get your Meta Quote ID
On iPhone or iPad
1. Tap on Edit Icon>
2. Tap on Chat and Messages>
3. Check your MetaQuotes ID: xxxxxxx
MT4 Mobile Alert
MT4 Mobile Alert
MT4 Mobile Alert
On Android Phone
1. Tap on Edit Icon
2. Tap on "Settings"
3. Scroll Down Page and Check your "MetaQuotes ID: xxxxxxx".
MT4 Android Mobile Alert
MT4 Android Mobile Alert
MT4 Android Mobile Alert
Step 03:
Enter your Meta Quotes ID
On Desktop or Laptop
01. Open your MT4 on your PC.
02. Click on the "TOOLS" >> "OPTIONS".
MT4 Android Mobile Alert
01. Click on the "Notifications"
02. Check and Enable Notification
03. Enter your MetaQuotes ID (Check from iPhone or Android Phone).
04. Click on "Test" Button
05. Click on "OK" Button
MT4 Android Mobile Alert
Step 04:
Check your Connection Setup
After inserting your unique MetaQuotes ID, hit the “TEST” button. This should send a test message to your mobile phone.
MT4 Mobile Notification
MT4 Mobile Notification
Now, Your MT4 Mobile Notification is successfully activated. When any new alerts generated on your MT4 Laptop or Desktop, it will automatically pop up on your mobile screen.
MT4 Mobile Alerts Integration Done
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