Alpha Script Scanner
Alpha Script Scanner
Template Name: Alpha Script Scanner
Features of Scanner
  • Buy-Sell Alert with Targets and Stop loss.
  • Specially designed for Intraday traders.
  • Generates more signals per day.
  • No need to monitor individual scripts.
  • Compatible with MCX, NSE, Options & Forex.
  • Sound Alert and Popup on new signals.
  • Suited for M1, M5 and M15 Time frames.
  • Chart will open in a Single Click.
  • Entry Point (Buy-Sell Level)
  • Stop Loss Level (20% Chance)
  • Target 01 Level. (80% Accuracy)
  • Target 02 Level. (65% Accuracy)
Indicator based on Scanner
Alpha Indicator
Indicators have all levels shown in the simple charting preview. You just need to follow the given levels.
  • Best Time Frame: M1,M5,M15 & M30
  • Charting Representation of All Indicators
How to use ?
Steps to Open "Alpha Script Scanner"

Step 01- Open a Chart

  • Open your “Meta Trader 4
  • Open any new Chart Window-
      • File” > “New Chart” > Click on any Chart
Alpha Script Indicator

Step 02- Open Scanner

  • Right Click on Chart > “Template” > “Alpha Script Scanner
  • Wait for 20-30 seconds (Do not Click anywhere) > Scanner window will open
Alpha Script Scanner open like below
Alpha Script Scanner

Once your Alpha Script Scanner is opened, it will automatically give pop-up alerts on any new signal generated on any script of the scanner.

Pop-up alert will show like given in the image below. It will automatically come on the screen and give an alert sound.

Alpha Script Indicator Alert

Once any new Alert generated, just click on that script on the scanner and you will get a new chart window of that script. New Charts window name “Alpha Script“. It will show you Buy-Sell Level with Targets and Stop Loss. It will also give multiple confirmations of a new signal.

Alpha Script Indicator open like below
Alpha Indicator
MT4 Indicator

Alpha Script Indicator Provide the Buy-Sell Levels with 02 Targets and Stop loss (As given in Image). All Levels Given in Simple Charting Preview. It also provides the Current Profit and Loss and Booked Profit and Loss (In Case of Target or SL hit) in a Dashboard available on Left-Top Corner.

Few points always kept in mind

Point 01

Do Not take entry in GAP UP or GAP DOWN Condition.
Wait for next signal.

Point 02

Do Not take entry if the signal is old.
Wait for a new signal.

* For with MT4 Data User Only

Point 03

Do Not take entry until all trends are not in the same Direction. Wait for a Perfect Position where all trends in favorable condition.

How to modify settings
  • Open Alpha Script Scanner
  • Right Click on Alpha Script Scanner Chart-
      • Right Click” on Scanner > “Indicator List
  • Select Alpha Script Scanner
      • Double Click on “Alpha Script Scanner” > Click on “Inputs
      • Make required changes > Click on “OK” > Click on “Close
      • Wait 20-30 second (Do not Click anywhere) > Scanner window will open with New Settings
Dashboard Scanner Inputs Settings​


  • For Enabling “Value” for making changes, you have to double click on specified Value.
  • i.e. If you want to change in Refresh Time Interval (sec) you need to double click on “1”.

Common Settings

    • Starting Symbol Number in Watchlist-The number in the watchlist from Scanner pick the script
    • Maximum symbols on Charts- Number of Script, view on Chart
    • Short Symbols Alphabetically- Simply True or False (as you want)

Alert Signal

    • When New Signal Triggered- Simply True or False (as you want)
    • When TP# 1 Hit- Simply True or False (as you want)
    • When TP# 2 Hit- Simply True or False (as you want)
    • When SL Hit- Simply True or False (as you want)

and more alerts- Simply True or False (as you want)

If something wrong happened, Click on “Reset” 

Make required changes & Click on “OK” and then “Close“.

Your Scanner will Open with New Settings


12 Months

11900 Discounted ₹4900

12 Months

9000 Discounted ₹1800

MT4 Data + Alpha Scanner & Indicator Pricing

01 Month

1200 Discount ₹200

03 Months

3300 Discounted ₹900

06 Months

6200 Discounted ₹2200

12 Months

9200 Discounted 45%

Alpha Script Scanner Pricing

01 Month

900 Free Demo

03 Months

2500 Discounted ₹200

06 Months

4700 Discounted ₹700

12 Months

6480 Discounted 40%
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Alpha Script Indicator
Alpha Script Scanner
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